Training and Career

Philippe Rayet’s career path



→ Holder of a Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis (Certificat d’Hypnose Clinique) awarded by the CFHTB (Francophone Confederation for Hypnosis & Brief Therapies), a certificate created in 2013. I committed myself to observing its ethical rules.







→ Holder of a European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH) awarded by the European Society of Hypnosis.










→ Holder of a European Certificate of Pychotherapy (ECP) awarded by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), which ensures that psychotherapists have been trained to the EAP standards (University degree, professional training degree, personal psychotherapy, psychopathology and psychotherapy training, continuous learning, continuous supervision), and have committed themselves to respecting the code of ethics.





→ Member of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Rezé (RIME) and of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Ile-de-France (IMHEIDF).

→ Individual member of the Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy French Federation (Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse, FF2P). An application for a  European Certificate of Psychotherapy is pending.


→ Fully accredited EMDR Europe Practitioner (see EMDR-France directory).

→ Member of the EMDR France Association.



→ Fully accredited Brainspotting Practitioner (see IETSP).



First, I was a teacher in Higher Education (agrégé de l’Université)

→ I studied English at the IPES-Lettres of Bordeaux III University institute, where I passed a Master’s degree (Maîtrise, 1978) and a Post-graduate degree (DEA, a diploma obtained before completing a PhD, 1979) and qualified as a state teacher (1981). I taught for thirty years in higher education (CPGE), preparing pupils for the competitive exams to enter HEC and other top business schools. I also taught senior officials at the Centre for Higher Studies of the French Ministry of Interior (CHEMI).

I studied philosophy and theology…

→ From 1996 to 2000, on top of my teaching, I followed a four-year philosophy and theology curriculum at the Jesuit College (Centre Sèvres) in Paris.

It was then that during an anthropology class I discovered with the utmost amazement Dr Milton Hyland Erickson in a film where he was performing a therapy session using hypnosis. After that, I decided that I would study Ericksonian hypnosis and become a therapist.

… and then, psychology and psychotherapy

→ When training as a teacher, I studied educational psychology for two years. Between 2003 and 2005, I followed a Practitioner in psychotherapy and NLP correspondence course and attended training sessions at CERFPA (Centre of Studies, Research and Training in Applied Psychology ) in Saint-Laurent-du-Var near Nice.


Betty Alice Erickson © C.H.E.

→ It was thanks to Dr Claude Virot, a psychiatrist, Director of Emergences (Institute for the Training and Research in Hypnosis and Therapeutic Communication) and now honorary president of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) that, in 2007, I was introduced to my mentor, Betty Alice Erickson, a daughter of Dr Erickson’s – who unfortunately died on 17th January 2019 – and began studying hypnosis in trustworthy institutes.


→ I am also very grateful to Dr Thierry Servillat, a psychiatrist, who was then editor of the international magazine Hypnose & Thérapies Brèves (Hypnosis and Brief Therapies) and is today in charge of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Rezé and editor of the magazine Transes, for having regularly encouraged me and advised me throughout my training as a hypnotherapist, in which my knowledge of English proved very useful.


Training in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and classical hypnotherapy

The New York Training Institute for Neuro Linguistic Programming (trainers: Anné Linden and Steven Goldstone, 2007)


The British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute (trainer: Stephen Brooks, 2007-2008)


• Institut Sakti d’Hypnose Clinique (Sakti Institute of Clinical Hypnosis – trainer: D. Varma, Psy.D., Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, 2008-2011)



Complementary training in Hypnotherapy




Institut Émergences (trainers: Betty Alice Erickson, Eric Greenleaf, Claude Virot, Consuelo Casula, Teresa Robles, Gilles Besson, Gaston Brosseau, Ernest Rossi, Jean Becchio, Sophie Cohen, etc.)


Xtrëma (trainers: Betty Alice Erickson, Stephen Brooks)


Institut Français d’Hypnose (French Institute of Hypnosis) (Trainers: Betty Alice Erickson, Eric Greenleaf, Yves Halfon, Francis Gajan, Antoine Bioy, François Roustang, etc.)


Institut Milton Erickson de Rezé (RIME), Institut Milton H. Ericskon Île-de-France (IMHEIDF) and Ipnosia (trainers: Thierry Servillat, Élise Lelarge, Roxanna Erickson-Klein, Chantal Wood, Dan Short, Christine Guillou, Christian Martens, Antoine Bioy, etc.)


National and International Congresses


Association Européenne des Praticiens d’Hypnose (AEPH) (European Association of Hypnosis Practitioners) :

Hypnosis in Psychosomatics (Paris, 2007)
Hypnosis and Sex Therapy (Paris, 2008)
Hypnosis and Anxiety Disorders (Paris, 2009)
Hypnosis and the Controlling of Habits (Paris, 2010)
Hypnosis and Child Therapy (Paris, 2011)
Hypnosis and Depression (Paris, 2012)
Hypnosis and Femininity (Paris, 2014)
Hypnosis and Psychotherapies (Paris, 2015)
Hypnosis and Addictions (Paris, 2017)
Hypnosis and Dissociative Disorders (Paris, 2018)


Institut Milton H. Erickson Île-de-France (The Paris Region Milton H. Erickson Institute):

Inaugural Symposium (Paris, 2014)
Symposium (Paris, 2018)


Institut Émergences (Emergences Institute in Rennes):

Hypnosis and Depression (Saint-Malo, 2010)
Hypnosis and Pain (Quiberon, 2012)
Hypnosis and Pain (La Rochelle, 2014)
Hypnosis and Pain (Saint-Malo, 2016)
Hypnosis and Pain (Saint-Malo, 2018)
Hypnosis and Pain (Saint-Malo, 2020)


International Society of Hypnosis:

20th World Congress of Medical Hypnosis (Paris, 2015)


Conférération Francophone d’Hypnose & Thérapies Brèves (Francophone Confederation for Hypnosis & Brief Therapies):

9th Forum (Paris, 2015)
10th Forum (Clermont-Ferrand, 2017)
The Convention on Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis (Les Etats Généraux de l’Hypnose, Paris VII University, 2018)
11th Forum (Montpellier, 2019)


→  Colloquium of Magazine Hypnose & Thérapies brèves (Hypnosis & Brief Therapies,  published by Metawalk, Daniel Renson):

1st Colloquium, organized by Sophie Cohen, editor (Paris, 2017)
 • 2nd Colloquium, organized by Sophie Cohen, editor (Paris, 2018)


Training in EMDR

École Française de Psychothérapie EMDR (French School of EMDR Psychotherapy, 2017-2018).


Complementary training in EMDR

EMDR France Association / EMDR Europe Association

19th European EMDR Congress (Strasbourg, 2018)

               • 2nd  French EMDR Congress (Metz, 2019)

→ Hints in Psychoneurobiology –  Masterclass in EMDR (Paris, 2019)


Training in Brainspotting (LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2)

• Institut Européen de Thérapies Somato-Psychiques  (European Institute of Somato-psychic Therapies, Paris, 2019).

Complementary training in Brainspotting

→ Masterclass with David Grand (Paris, 2019)


Personal psychotherapy and supervision

A few years’ psychoanalysis enabled me to learn to identify, among other things, what really is at stake in the therapeutic relationship. I also experienced EMDR therapy.


I am supervised by a clinical psychologist who is also a psychoanalyst, by a clinical psychologist who is also a hypnosis teacher, and by a psychiatrist who practises hypnotherapy in a hospital. As for EMDR and Brainspotting, I am supervised by EMDR Europe and IETSP Brainspotting supervisors.


Voluntary work

For more than twenty years, I have been an adviser to a Catholic association in Paris called Pour l’Unité in the field of psychology and now psychotherapy. I am also the vice-president of this association.



A Contributor to national and international congresses on clinical hypnosis and to Specialist Publications


Association Européenne des Praticiens d’Hypnose (AEPH)
(European Association of Hypnosis Practitioners)

Hypnose et troubles anxieux (Paris, 2009)
Hypnosis and Anxiety Disorders
Traitement d’un cas de trouble obsessionnel par l’utilisation d’images spontanées en hypnose
Treating obsessive-compulsive disorder by using imaginery scenarios under hypnosis


Hypnose et contrôle des habitudes (Paris, 2010)
Hypnosis and the Controlling of Habits
Trois cas cliniques résolus par l’utilisation des images spontanées en hypnose et par l’auto-hypnose
Three clinical cases solved by using imaginary scenarios under hypnosis and by self-hypnosis


Hypnose et thérapie des enfants (Paris, 2011)
Hypnosis and Child Therapy
Activité imaginaire et réactivité hypnotique chez l’enfant
Imaginary activity and hypnotic response in children


Hypnose et dépression (Paris, 2012)
Hypnosis and Depression
Rêver sous hypnose pour vaincre la dépression
Dreaming under hypnosis to fight depression


Hypnose et féminité (Paris, 2014)
Hypnosis and Femininity
Des femmes qui rêvent sous hypnose pour guérir…
Women dreaming under hypnosis in order to heal…


➽  See all the publications by clicking on this link.


International Society of Hypnosis (ISH)

20th World Congress of Medical Hypnosis (Paris, 2015)
Hypnose et musique : prodigieuses improvisations
Hypnosis and Music: Prodigious Improvisations

➽  See the videos by clicking on this link.


Institut Émergences – Rennes
(Emergences Institute – Rennes)

Congrès Hypnose et douleur (Saint-Malo, 2016)
Congress on Hypnosis and Pain
Gestion de la douleur et préparation à une intervention chirurgicale grâce à l’hypnose et à l’auto-hypnose (exposition de deux cas cliniques)


Congrès Hypnose et douleur : « De la douleur à la douceur » (Saint-Malo, 2018)
Congress on Hypnosis and Pain: « From Pain to Relief »
Soulager la douleur en réparant le passé (exposition d’un cas clinique)
Soothing Pain by Repairing the Past (presentation of a clinical case)


Confédération Francophone d’Hypnose & Thérapies Brèves (CFHTB)
(Francophone Confederation for Hypnosis & Brief Therapies)

9e Forum d’hypnose médicale (Paris, 2015)
9th Forum of Medical Hypnosis
Hypnose et musique : prodigieuses improvisations
Hypnosis and Music: Prodigious Improvisations

➽  See the videos by clicking on this link.


10e Forum d’hypnose médicale (Clermont-Ferrand, 2017)
10th Forum of Medical Hypnosis
Hypnose et terreurs nocturnes (exposition d’un cas clinique)
Hypnosis and Night Terror (presentation of a clinical case)


11e Forum d’hypnose médicale (Montpellier, 2019)
11th Forum of Medical Hypnosis
L’hypnose, magique ? (exposition d’un cas clinique)
Is Hypnosis a Magic Tool? (presentation of a clinical case)